About Us

The Founder

MumPod Company Limited was launched in the Spring of 2021 by the founder Rosamund McFadden BSc Hons RM IBCLC.

Ros is a registered midwife (RM) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  With 30 years of experience in corporate, retail and healthcare services with a background in design. 

Our Approach

MumPod® Company offers solutions for employers and business owners to support their pregnant and breastfeeding employees, visitors and service users.

MumPod® , a stand alone pod that offers a comfortable, private space for pregnant or breastfeeding parents to put their feet and REST EXPRESS or BREASTFEED.

MumPod® Consulting is a comprehensive consultancy package to establish your needs to ensure the inclusivity of pregnant or breastfeeding employees or customers.

Whether you have comprehensive measures and policies in place, or you are looking to implement new initiatives we can help you find the solutions to your needs. 

MumPod® Gift Boxes: Offering gift solutions beyond the usual bunch of flowers for staff going on maternity leave, when their baby/ies arrive/s and when they are returning to work.

Our Mantra

Supporting the health of staff, supports the health of their families, supporting the health of your business one pod at a time

Our Aim:

To offer solutions to employers for working parents to continue to breastfeed when returning to work. 

Enabling them to be a family friendly employer. 

Our Mission:

Equality for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

Reduction of the gender pay gap

Improve the health of the nation now and for future generations

Our Partner

The company is supported by their investors and start-up incubator Queensbury Group Consulting

Queensbury offer legal, strategic, project and operational support to bring a professional service to all our customers.