Celebrating One Year at Kings Mill Hospital and Advocating for Workplace Inclusivity

MumPod November News

We are delighted to bring you the latest edition of the MumPod Newsletter, celebrating a significant milestone in our journey – One Year of MumPod at Kings Mill Hospital, part of the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust!

Reflecting on One Year of MumPod at Kings Mill Hospital:

Join us in commemorating the success of the MumPod installation at Kings Mill Hospital. We are proud to have provided a secure and comfortable space for pregnant and breastfeeding staff, fostering an environment that supports their well-being and work-life balance.

“Super comfy place where I was able to relax and hand express”

staff member King’s Mill Hospital

Exciting Plans for 2024

Looking ahead, MumPod Company Limited is thrilled to share our exciting plans for the upcoming year. We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of employers offering dedicated spaces like the MumPod to support their breastfeeding and pregnant staff and we don’t mean the toilet. Our goal is to create workplaces that prioritise inclusivity, flexibility, and understanding.

Would you eat your lunch in a toilet? Would you prepare your lunch in a toilet?

No? Pumping or breastfeeding should be in a relaxing space enable oxytocin and endorphins to flow

Step into a Mumpod dim the lights, pull out the foot rest and … relax

Advocating for Workplace Inclusivity

In 2024, MumPod Company Limited is not just celebrating a product; we are championing a cause. We recognise the vital need to support employees during pregnancy and upon their return to work, providing flexibility and understanding. Our mission is to contribute to a workplace culture that empowers parents to navigate the delicate balance between professional and personal responsibilities seamlessly.

4. Call for User Feedback:

We value your insights! If you have experience with pumping at work or have used the MumPod, we invite you to share your thoughts. Your feedback is essential as we continually strive to enhance our products and ensure they align with the expectations and requirements of our users.

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