How Art Led to Creation

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Today is #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay which has inspired me to share how in my heart I am a true creative and how that has led to the creation of my future. Gosh that sounds deep and maybe it is, when you reach 55 and you close the loop on your hopes and desires it is a pretty profound feeling. 

As a child I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I replied a furniture designer. You may think this is a rather ambitions statement for a 7 year old but no more than saying I want to be an astronaut or the Prince of Mars (one of my son’s ambitions as well as ‘being a Dad’). I always loved design and art, I am not sure if this is because of my upbringing with my parents taking me to various galleries, exhibitions and museums. They were both teachers and I would often get to go along on their school outings to the West End or to the ballet. Or was it in my genes which I later discovered when I met my birth mother who was a draftswoman and also a lover of creative and visual art and music. That old debate of nature versus nurture. Whatever the source I love colour, design, texture and trends so it has been an absolute dream come true to be designing my own (rather large) piece of furniture, the MumPod®. 2022 is when I close the loop on my desires and fulfill that ambition of the little freckly, scrawny ginger haired girl of designing furniture no matter how tenuous the link I feel I can call myself that.

The first installation of the MumPod® will be in the UK this March an NHS Trust in the East of England. We are so excited about this first installation and the reasons behind the purchase. Two pods were funded by the hospitals’ charity to offer a space for their extremely hard working staff who are pregnant or breastfeeding and need a quiet place to rest, #express, #breastfeed or #chestfeed. The pod will use our #gendernuetral branding MyPod to ensure all there staff who may need the facility no matter their #genderidentity. 

I am so proud of the design, colour palate and feel of the MumPod®, I may not have drawn the illustrations myself but I feel my experienced eye and ability to message through art has culminated in a modern piece of design that will attract the millennial parent and look great in any building.

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