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The Door Access

Standard DDA Lift & Lock Handle

Lift-to-Lock system is easy to operate for the less-abled. Lift the handle to lock, and pull down again to unlock.

Easy access externally in case of emergency. Easily releasable from the outside in case of emergency.

Yale Conexis L2 Smart Lock

Easy Installation > Send Virtual Keys > Encrypted Bluetooth Technology > Works with Leading Voice Assistants > Battery Powered

Your MyPod can be accessed via a key tag, key card, phone tag or smartphone when using the Yale App.

MyPod® Available Extras

Baby Changing Pack

If your MumPod® will be used by your visitors and the public for breastfeeding in peace this is the bundle for you. Includes a robust pull down changing table and a nappy bin. (Items and prices may be subject to change)


MumPod® users can sit back and relax while streaming mindful relaxation music, images or communications and advertising of your choice. Simple USB plug-in streaming. Items and prices may be subject to change)


We can offer a sanitising station to include: no-touch hand gel sanitiser, surface wipes with dispenser and door hand auto spray sanitiser. (Items and prices may be subject to change)


If your MumPod® is managed in a private space such as an office you could add a milk fridge to your extras bundle. Our purpose built integrated cabinet perfectly house this lockable 50l fridge. The ideal solution for your users to securely store their expressed breast milk Items and prices may be subject to change)


If you would like a more personal design to the interior or exterior vinyls of your MumPod® we can help. We have an in-house graphic designer who can incorporate your chosen logos, imagery and graphics.


Our Founder Rosamund McFadden IBCLC can use her expertise and in-depth knowledge of the needs of a pregnant, or breastfeeding parent at work. If the MumPod® is unsuitable for your work space she is able to perform a full survey of your portfolio. To include a site ,survey, recommendations of alternative options for MumPod® areas or rooms.